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Is it a peer-to-peer file sharing tool?

To make it short: No. Noggle is NOT a peer-to-peer file sharing software. You can not share file or documents directly with noggle. Noggle sets a library management toolset on top of your documents. This library management helps to make your documents or files searchable. You can share the created library information with your private […]

What is noggle? A Document Management Tool. Stop Searching

Summary The application provides methods and tools for indexing and for searching documents across a plurality of storage locations and client devices. Many situations exist in which multiple users generate electronic files on a plurality of client computers that are connected to a network. The users frequently store their files locally on different storage locations […]

Text Search: Querry Syntax

This article describes how to structure direct text search requests. Fields When performing a search you can either specify a field, or use the default field “Text”. You can search any field by typing the field name followed by a colon “:” and then the term you are looking for. As an example, let’s assume […]