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Take the stress out of searching.

Quickly find any document, anywhere.

When documents are spread across your hard drive, the cloud, network folders, or even on the computer of a colleague, searching for the files you need can be a real headache.

Noggle is a standalone desktop search and knowledge assistant application to provide fast and simple access to the information you need. Even if you thought you would never find a document again; Noggle will.

The fastest way to access your knowledge:

Stop Searching – Save Time.

Noggle provides an easy and fast way to quickly locate the exact documents you need, from wherever they’re located. Designed to find the relevant information on your PC and all connected network or cloud storage folders. Full text discovery, including image and photo search.

Sart Knowing – Find More.

Noggle is the only software providing you instant document recommendations on the fly. See material that is related or similar to the item you’re viewing to get your work done.

Gain Insights – Be Ahead.

Noggle brings “AI” right to your desktop: Analyzing documents for hidden connections allows to present clusters of your knowledge. Helping to discover so far unseen content overlaps between unrelated document sources from different teams, projects or document archives.

Turn your desktop into a knowledge powerhouse!

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