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Open Access Journal Article Search – Connect the Dots

Join the dots between the huge number of high-quality open access articles Using this managed open access journal article search library, you can search and reference approx. 8 million articles. Why use Open Access Journal Article Search Data? Take, for example, a Noggle search request that is using text mining to discover new articles related to the key topics of your […]

US Patent Search Tool – Use Noggle Cognitive Exploration

Patent Search Tool Crosslink and retrieve patents related to your own documents Using this patent search tool, you can search 6 million US patent documents. The data is provided by www.patentsview.org. Why Explore Patent Data? Our noggle managed patent library inspires the exploration and enhanced understanding of intellectual property (IP). Together with their private noggle libraries, it […]

Document Recommendation – Cognitive-guided Knowledge Retrieval

Document Recommendation The task of document recommendation to knowledge workers differs from the task of recommending products to consumers. Collaborative approaches, as applied to books or videos, attempt to communicate patterns of shared interest to augment conventional search results. However, it turns out that subtle variations in search context can undermine the effectiveness of collaborative filtering. […]

How to use the managed TEDTalks library?

This tutorial shows how to use the managed TEDTalks library. The integrated managed TEDTalks library can scan the TEDTalks via the noggle client. Furthermore, you can use all integrated cognitive recommendation features to link public TEDTalks with your individual, personal documents. Step 1: Select the managed TEDTalks Library Open the library panel, switch to managed libraries and select […]

OnlineHelp Settings Map Tab

How to fine-tune the KnowledgeMap cognitive AI clustering algorithm You can specifiy how the cluster lables should be generated and which lables should be excluded by the algorithm. Please go to the Settings -> Map section. Strong Cluster Label [Enabled/Disabled]: This attribute may be useful when certain words appear in most of the input documents […]

What is the Non-Commercial Desktop license?

Noggle Non-Commercial Desktop License – Definition Noggle is commonly used by individuals or various educational and non-profit organizations for daily document search and retrieval tasks. If you plan to use Noggle for your private or personal needs, and you are the only person planning to use it or you are working in an educational institution or non-profit organization, then the free […]

Cognitive Search Engine: How To Overcome The Knowledge Disconnect

How To Overcome The Big Knowledge Disconnect With Cognitive AI: Cognitive Search Engine Our cognitive search engine with cognitive document retrieval features knocks down barriers between you and your documents. Use our natural and contextual search features that augment users’ experiences via the power of machine-based AI. Plug them in and stop searching – start […]