Is it a peer-to-peer file sharing tool?

To make it short: No. Noggle is NOT a peer-to-peer file sharing software. You can not share file or documents directly with noggle.

Noggle sets a library management toolset on top of your documents. This library management helps to make your documents or files searchable. You can share the created library information with your private experts, partners or colleagues (“peers”). After you shared a library, your peers are able to search and locate documents that are stored on your local accessible storages – but they are not able to access the document itself. The library makes your content findable by others. And you define who is able to get your library. So your colleagues can search and find documents they dont have access to, but you want your peers being able to find documents you have. The library management toolset makes your documents findable without the need to share documents or change access rights. Once a peer has found an relevant document that is located in one of your libraries, they can request to get access to the document. But you decide, case by case, if you want to share the document itself. Noggle does not provide access to your documents for your peers.

Saied this, we use the peer-to-peer technology to create a secure managed network where each user is able to build libraries and share the library information with dedicated, named peers. This allows an easy way to share, find and locate relevant content. The managed service only provides security. The user decides and controlls everything. Noggle only provides the managed service to connect dedicated peers. There is no central instance which is doing search and returning search requests. Everything happens on the client side and everything that leaves your client is encrypted until it reaches the peer client you have defined.

Each client will not act as a server. The client only communicates with the noggle network to provide and receive encrypted library information that is shared with named peers.