What is the Non-Commercial Desktop license?

Noggle Non-Commercial Desktop License – Definition

Noggle is commonly used by individuals or various educational and non-profit organizations for daily document search and retrieval tasks. If you plan to use Noggle for your private or personal needs, and you are the only person planning to use it or you are working in an educational institution or non-profit organization, then the free non-commercial desktop license is for you.

Our non-commercial desktop license is free of charge to support personal document retrieval and/or non-profit research organizations. For educational or non-profit use, you are eligible for the free non-commercial desktop license if you are one of the below accredited bodies:

  • School
  • Library
  • College
  • University
  • Museum
  • Research Institute
  • Church
  • Charitable organization

For individuals, if you are a natural person and not a corporation, company, partnership or association or other entity or organization and will not use the product for commercial purpose, you are eligible for the non-commercial desktop license too.

Any other use requires the purchase of a professional license.

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