Change or update linked licenses per order

How to change, add or remove the named linked eMail accounts for an existing order?

You can add, remove and change linked eMail addresses to your order at anytime via our portal. Changes will be processed within the next 5 minutes in our backend systems immediately. As long as your order has enough licences, you can add and invite new users via your account at anytime.

1. Login to your account on our website via the menu “My Account”

2. Select the order from the order list and press the Button “Change Licenses”


3. Edit the list of current linked accounts. Add, remove or change the eMail list.


4. Press the button “Update Linked Accounts Now.”


5. You will receive an eMail within the next 5 minutes with a protocoll for the changes done (removed, added, changed accounts).

New added users will receive an Noggle invitation mail with their activation key to activate the Noggle Client on their desktop. Removed users will be downgraded to the BASIC free license model.

This way, you can start with a team license package and invite or add new users at anytime on your own later.

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