Press Release: Noggle app launches in Windows Store, for download in 242 countries worldwide

Noggle is proud to announce that it has worked closely with Microsoft engineers to pass its commercial and technical certification process – as a result, the Noggle app is now officially available for the Windows10 eco system. The app is listed in the Windows Store, offered for download to all 242 markets served by the store worldwide.
The app can be downloaded at the following location:

The Noggle Knowledge Assistant app is free to download for PC.

“Being officially recognised by Windows is a big step forward for the Noggle brand. We hope that being available to download from the Windows Store will stamp our authority as a trusted and robust application, and make our document management software more accessible to a new audience of knowledge workers looking for a better way to organise and connect their content.”, Lars Von Thienen, CEO.

Introducing the Knowledge Bot for version 3.0.8

To coincide with its Windows10 debut, Noggle is marking this important step in its progress with further developments to the system, in the form of the Knowledge Bot. Running as a parallel feature to the application, the bot can talk to the user via email, Skype and telegram, and is now available in version 3.0.8.

Features of the Noggle Knowledge Assistant app:

  • Unified document search across different storage locations (Computer, Network, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Visual AI-guided search results and document clustering
  • Integrated document discovery from external science libraries and journals (Patent database, TED Talks, Springer Journals, IEEE and more)
  • Similarity search and instant document recommendations
  • Secure document and knowledge sharing for teams
  • “Personal Knowledge Assistant” Bot