Image Search – Find Similar Photos and Images with Noggle Photo Intelligence

Our photo and image search features align with our efforts to use computer vision for knowledge retrieval. Users are able to find similar images via our integrated recommender engine with the blink of an eye. Only select one image shown in the results section and Noggle will automatically pull up all related and similar images in near-real-time.

Image Search - Find Similar Photos

Making your own photo and image library searchable with Noggle is now as easy as pulling up images on public search engines.

Image search options

You can search similar or related images like this:

  1. Image search via external image drag and drop
    Simply drag’n drop an image (.jpg/.png) file from your file explorer or email inbox onto the Noggle app search bar. The Noggle app will look for similar photos and images. The results will show up in the Noggle search results.
  2. Image search via file explorer context menu
    Use the windows file explorer context menu for image and photo search. The context menu opens with a right mouse click on the image. Select “Open with…” and choose “Desktop & Cloud search” from the selection to activate Noggle similarity photo intelligence. The Noggle app will open and show similar and related images.
  3. Image search via Noggle client
    Do a text search within the Noggle client application: Just enter your search term and Noggle will check if there are images related to that search term. Once an image was found and shown in the search results, related similar images will automatically be shown in the “Related” info section of the search window.

Safe and secure

Image indexing is applied and stored locally on your client.

Articles on Cloud and Digital Transformation

Download Code: i2jezmhckt0

Map name: Articles on Cloud and Digital Transforamtion
Documents in collection: 477
Total cluster count:66

Search Topic: +digital +transformation +technology +cloud
Used Libraries: Open Access Articles

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Cloud Infrastructure (32)
2. Technology Policy (31)
3. Digital Images (28)
4. Health Technology (27)
5. Cloud Management (24)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Cloud Infrastructure, Technology Policy, Digital Images, Health Technology, Cloud Management, Formation, Humans and Technologies, Computational Cost, Simulation Results, Code, Proposed Algorithm, Secure Cloud, Software Systems, Cloud Platform, Image Data, Proposed Scheme, Science and Technology, Services over the Internet, Surface, Business Computing, Digital Signal, Proposed Framework, Virtualized Resources, Collaboration, Digital Age

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