Press release: Knowledge as a success factor

The knowledge of the world doubles every ten years. Quantitative knowledge grows exponentially, qualitative knowledge linear. How can companies remain successful and identify relevant knowledge?

Transactive knowledge ensures success

It must be possible to generate, store, transfer and increase the required expertise at reasonable cost, at the right time, at the right place. Transactive knowledge is the knowledge of others’ knowledge. By sharing knowledge, knowledge systems emerge. These facilitate the coordination of the know-how and the task. Know-how must always be shared. For this, people must have the opportunity to exchange ideas. Teams with knowledge opportunists lose against knowledge-cooperative teams. There is no future for companies that can not create a framework in which expertise can be exchanged successfully.

Design of transient knowledge

Specialization is necessary through information growth. The tasks are so challenging that knowledge workers must join together in teams. They have to cooperate and share their knowledge generously. They have to form complex and dynamically changing networks. Lars von Thienen, of Noggle AG, is working on this topic with his tool “Noggle”, “In companies, many people have a lot of know-how and create new input. Even the colleague on the next floor has no access to this expertise. There is usually no time on a working day to be in conversation with colleagues and build up transactive knowledge. Digital tools have to close this gap by making knowledge searchable, identifying experts in the network, and highlighting their content. Networks and framework conditions for the economic transfer of knowledge can be created.”

Knowledge growth and its impact

Knowledge must always be acquired more quickly, correctly passed on, linked and re-produced. The world’s expertise is growing exponentially, doubling every 10 years. Every day almost 500,000 books are published. The distance between quantity and quality increases. It will be harder to find and filter relevant knowledge. Modern knowledge workers do not have to know everything about their profession, but they need to know how to find reliable expertise to solve a problem.

Press Release: Noggle app launches in Windows Store, for download in 242 countries worldwide

Noggle is proud to announce that it has worked closely with Microsoft engineers to pass its commercial and technical certification process – as a result, the Noggle app is now officially available for the Windows10 eco system. The app is listed in the Windows Store, offered for download to all 242 markets served by the store worldwide.
The app can be downloaded at the following location:

The Noggle Knowledge Assistant app is free to download for PC.

“Being officially recognised by Windows is a big step forward for the Noggle brand. We hope that being available to download from the Windows Store will stamp our authority as a trusted and robust application, and make our document management software more accessible to a new audience of knowledge workers looking for a better way to organise and connect their content.”, Lars Von Thienen, CEO.

Introducing the Knowledge Bot for version 3.0.8

To coincide with its Windows10 debut, Noggle is marking this important step in its progress with further developments to the system, in the form of the Knowledge Bot. Running as a parallel feature to the application, the bot can talk to the user via email, Skype and telegram, and is now available in version 3.0.8.

Features of the Noggle Knowledge Assistant app:

  • Unified document search across different storage locations (Computer, Network, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Visual AI-guided search results and document clustering
  • Integrated document discovery from external science libraries and journals (Patent database, TED Talks, Springer Journals, IEEE and more)
  • Similarity search and instant document recommendations
  • Secure document and knowledge sharing for teams
  • “Personal Knowledge Assistant” Bot


Press Release: New Work and the need for cooperation

As a result of New Work, decentralization, flexibility and digital information, virtual collaboration tools are considered irreplaceable.

Cooperation and increasing individualization

Employees increasingly want to decide individually about their work process and flexibly determine their working time and location. By taking these wishes into account, companies can acquire motivated, productive and loyal employees. Cooperation and efficiency must not be impaired. Thanks to digital tools this can be achieved. Real-time communication and collaboration platforms create new forms of cooperation.

“Building, maintaining and sharing knowledge is an important part of successful collaboration”, said Lars von Thienen, who proceed this issue with his tool, “To find digital information on a decentralized basis is a task of digitization and the changing cooperation. For example, the digital knowledge assistant “Noggle” offers a way to answer this by presenting decentralized documents in a central search result and by cognitively sorting and linking knowledge. Finding knowledge and experts in the enterprise is realizable.”

Digitization of the working world

The digitization of the working world and processes is in progress. IT systems are getting better at analyzing information. Information is more and more digitally available and will remain structured over an extended period of time. In the medium term, all necessary documents will be available digitally and thus independent of the location. This is how digitization affects cooperation. An increasing flexibilisation, decentralization and de-marginalization of work is developing.

New Work – Cause and Target

New work, the fundamental change in the world of work, is idea and movement at the same time. Work-Life-Balance and the industrial internet of things find their fusion in this term. Knowledge growth, demographic change, digitalization and globalization have an impact on the society as well as on companies and are the cause of the discussion about New Work.The target is to change the design of work.

New work is the future of work. Companies need to adjust culturally and technically.