Climate Change and Global Warming Articles

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Map name: Climate Change and Global Warming Articles
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Total cluster count:75

Search Topic: climate “global warming”
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Top 5 Cluster:
1. Climate and Weather (58)
2. Uncertainties in Climate (55)
3. Climate Mitigation (54)
4. Climate Characteristics (52)
5. International Climate (51)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Climate and Weather, Uncertainties in Climate, Climate Mitigation, Climate Characteristics, International Climate, Model Ensemble, Greenhouse Gas, Climate Vulnerable, Climate Knowledge, Soils and Climates, Rate of Change, Climate Feedbacks, Developing Countries, Population of the Study, Temperature Events, Agricultural Production, Climate and Vegetation, Human Impacts, Carbon Emissions, Monthly mean Temperature, Present Day, Central Regions, Climate Change and Plant, Greenhouse Effects, Health Effects

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