Improve your Dropbox experience with direct Dropbox integration

Indexing cloud drives and folders

In general noggle can index and search all folders and files which are accessible via the Windows file explorer. So if you have linked a cloud account as a file share which is accessible via the windows explorer, it is also accessible for noggle. However, often the “linked” cloud folder only represent synced files. Therefore it is more usefull to connect directly to your cloud drived and index and search all files which are on the cloud drive. You can integrate your Dropbox accounts with just a click.

Direct Dropbox integration available for Noggle

Dropbox is a cloud solution that is great for storing content and information. Finding and using the content stored in Dropbox isn’t easy. That’s why Noggle is such a great addition to your Dropbox experience. Noggle makes it simple and fast to find what is stored and hidden in Dropbox.

Noggle automatically indexes documents and their content within your selected Dropbox folders. Noggle identifies the most relevant items, and visually displays the results – even if these files are not on your computer and only located in the cloud. Noggle finds them and included the search results on your screen.

Dropbox is often just one place where documents are stored. Noggle connects Dropbox and Dropbox Business accounts like any other location where your content is stored.

  • One-click integration
  • No additional setup or infrastructure costs
  • No workflow changes required of users
  • Dropbox and Dropbox Business accounts

Dropbox Homepage:

Watch the following short tutorials for how to add your Dropbox locations to Noggle libraries:


Dropbox Integration

Dropbox Account

Dropbox Integration:


Dropbox Integration Business Account

Dropbox Integration for Business Accounts

Dropbox Business Integration: