Internet of Things – Trends to Watch 2017


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Map name: Internet of Things – Trends to Watch 2017
Documents in collection: 1983
Total cluster count:101

Search Topic: “internet of things” or IOT
Used Libraries: Patents (EPO)

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Machine to Machine (133)
2. Antenna and second Antenna (99)
3. Computer Connection (99)
4. Chip Connects (96)
5. Controlling a Vehicle (93)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Machine to Machine, Antenna and second Antenna, Computer Connection, Chip Connects, Controlling a Vehicle, Integration platform is Disclosed, Internet of Things Platforms, Cloud Data, Switch Module, Connecting Plate, Lock Controlling, Management platform Server, Smart home based on Internet of Things, Controlling Smart, Lighting Modules, Smart home Service, Chip Module, Chip Controls, Controlling Electronic, Data of the Smart, Disclosed a Computing, Computer system Module, Network Node, Production Data, Production Process


Drone UAV Trends – US Patents

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Map name: Drone UAV Trends – US Patents
Documents in collection: 349
Total cluster count:53

Search Topic: UAV drone
Used Libraries: US Patents

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Sensor (46)
2. Target (43)
3. Remote Control (42)
4. Communication (41)
5. Launch (32)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Sensor, Target, Remote Control, Communication, Launch, Support, Surface, Piloting, Wing, Camera, Flight Path, Payload, Delivery, Equipment, Structure, Deployment, Object, Airborne, Axis, Images Captured, Mode, Rotor, Antenna, Mission, Radio

Source/License: – CC BY

Patents on Battery Management

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Map name: Patents on Battery Management
Documents in collection: 500
Total cluster count:63

Search Topic: battery management
Used Libraries: US Patents

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Battery Temperature (48)
2. Battery Level (47)
3. Reducing Battery (46)
4. Thermal Management (42)
5. Battery Life (41)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Battery Temperature, Battery Level, Reducing Battery, Thermal Management, Battery Life, Load Management, Battery in Response, Battery Management System BMS, Wireless Battery, Electronic Device, Low Power, Battery Power Level, Mobile Device, Mode Includes, Assembled Battery, Battery Protection, Implantable Device, Capacity Management, Management Component, Battery Charger, Battery Consumption, Battery Threshold, Input Power, Battery Sensor, SOC of the Battery

Source/License: – CC BY