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Knowledge Document Management in the Era of Cloud and Big Data

We spend too much time spinning our wheels looking for things and not finding them. Job satisfaction is low among knowledge workers who spend their days unsuccessfully searching for documents only to end up settling for reworking existing documents. Today, the information needed is scattered in multiple repositories across different file shares, and no one knows what exists or where it is.

Time is an invaluable resource. Each day should be a nexus of discovery and creation. Why waste time hunting for documents that could be more productively spent on other tasks?

Lost time is never found again. Stop searching. Noggle does that for you. 

Digital Library Management

Traditional library management meets modern technology with Noggle. Our library management module provides a high-performance, full-featured indexing engine. With this core element, you can build different full-text search capabilities over scattered file shares in the cloud or on the network. Noggle uses pre-processing and parsing techniques to extract plain text from nearly all information sources. These include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenOffice, PDF and other file formats. This method produces a high-performance library in which you can execute search requests in the blink of an eye.

With Noggle, you don’t need to reorganize documents into centralized structures. Just tell Noggle where documents are located. One lightning fast full-text search gets all information, no matter where it resides or what format it is in.

Stop spending time (re-)organizing your documents. Noggle does that for you with knowledge document management digital library features.

Cognitive Search and Discovery: Document Clustering

As a result of “Big Data” and the “Cloud”, we struggle to cope with growing document volume. One search aid that can help, an aid knowledge workers often demand, is clustered cross-document relationship information. Noggle’s “KnowledgeMap” provides that information. KnowledgeMap is a search result visualization tool that gives users essential information about the structure of topics within search results.

The Noggle cognitive clustering algorithm scans internal relations and linguistic patterns among all found documents. In doing so, it unearths new groups or cross-document relationships that might guide users to new, interesting areas that enhance their initial search request.

Stop spending time trying to make sense of large search-result listings. Noggle does that for you. 

Distributed Search via Shared Library Access

Noggle embeds both people and information. Noggle enables organizations to make their documents retrievable to defined people through its distributed-search and shared-library functions. These facilitate valuable information exchanges between individuals and groups. If users can easily and quickly retrieve useful relevant documents that reside elsewhere in the network or personal computers, they will save time and avoid the high cost of reinventing the wheel when a document already exists somewhere else but cannot be found.

Library sharing extends the search space for document retrieval across documents of trusted colleagues. Noggle makes knowledge sharing as simple and secure as sending emails.

Don’t spend hours looking for information that other people might have already. Noggle does that for you.

Digital Document Encyclopedias

Our knowledge box is a collaborative document encyclopedia for the digital age. It is a collaborative private platform for linking document fingerprints on special subjects.

Our knowledge box document fingerprint and cognitive retrieval system goes beyond “keyword” searches, keeping document trails to retrieve the needed information related to the content of any given subject.

So don’t spend time searching for particular subject topics. Noggle’s Knowledge Box does that for you.

Content-Based Recommendation Engine

Noggle’s embedded recommender system – a content-based filtering mechanism similar to what Apple uses to recommend music or Amazon to recommend books – provides a useful alternative to direct-text search requests because it helps users discover files they might otherwise have missed. Our system uses the document content to build recommendations to files of different types across different libraries that are similar to the original.

Say, for example, you found an old PowerPoint document and would like to see the latest version along with its Excel calculation sheet. These might be anywhere on the network or on your colleagues computer. With Noggle, finding them is just a click away.

So don’t spend time looking for materials related to one document or file. Noggle does that for you.

Decentralized Approach

Noggle turns knowledge management upside down with its advanced, patent-pending decentralized approach to making personal, protected, and internal document file spaces retrievable.

With zero ramp-up time, Noggle enables you to retrieve information easily and securely across organizational boundaries and facilitates discovery of knowledge and experts within a trusted group. This eliminates the need to setup centralistic knowledge-management projects or centralistic solutions.

So don’t spend time on knowledge document management projects or solutions. Noggle does that for you.

Drag, Drop, and Noggle

Noggle bundles all features into one “does-it-all” function. Just drag and drop any file from your workspace or email inbox on the Noggle app. Noggle will instantly search for files with similar content across all available libraries. At the same time, it performs an expert search for the dropped document.

Just with a mouse click you will get a ranked list of similar documents of all file types out of all libraries, even shared ones from colleagues.

Don’t spend time on information gathering to put pieces of information into the right perspective. Noggle does that for you.