Predictions & Future Projections

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Map name: Predictions & Future Projections
Documents in collection: 500
Total cluster count:68

Search Topic: prediction predictions future projection
Used Libraries: TED Talks

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Technology (227)
2. Issues (112)
3. Innovation (82)
4. Business (77)
5. People (77)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Technology, Issues, Innovation, Business, People, Brain, Education, Live, Problems, Creativity, Social Change, History, Politics, Cities, Art, Learning, Sustainability, Climate Change, Collaboration, Computers, Space, Beauty, Fellows, Communication, Physics

Source/License: – CC BY-NC-ND

IEEE Search Gateway

IEEE: The world’s largest professional organization for the advancement of technology

IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. IEEE is the trusted “voice” for engineering, computing, and technology information around the globe.

Source website:

The Noggle client allows to use their public available search gateway. To search in the IEEE gateway, enter your terms in the noggle search box:

A. Simple queries:

Query Example I

A search [electric hybrid] returns records matching electric or hybrid in metadata, abstract or document text.

B. Complex queries:

Query Example II

A search [(gasoline NOT diesel OR electric OR hybrid) AND “Document Title”:vehicle] returns records matching gasoline, electric or hybrid but not diesel in metadata, abstract or document text, and vehicle in document title.

Query Example III

A search [“Abstract”:”internet of things” OR “Document Title”:IoT] returns records matching “Internet of Things” in abstract or IoT in document title.

Example Screenshot:

Terms of Usage

The usage of the IEEE library is free of charge within the public available Noggle client. We do not modify the IEEE content in any form.  We do not provide direct access, host or embedd IEEE content in the Noggle application or on our website. The Noggle application just allows to search and find links to the original articles on via their public search gateway. The Noggle client only provides links to IEEE articles which are further available via the IEEE web service.

We attribute as the source in each search result listing when using the noggle search and include a link to the article on the original website. The purpose of the IEEE search gateway integration is to support our vision to make scientific content easily retrievable.

Patents on Battery Management

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Map name: Patents on Battery Management
Documents in collection: 500
Total cluster count:63

Search Topic: battery management
Used Libraries: US Patents

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Battery Temperature (48)
2. Battery Level (47)
3. Reducing Battery (46)
4. Thermal Management (42)
5. Battery Life (41)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Battery Temperature, Battery Level, Reducing Battery, Thermal Management, Battery Life, Load Management, Battery in Response, Battery Management System BMS, Wireless Battery, Electronic Device, Low Power, Battery Power Level, Mobile Device, Mode Includes, Assembled Battery, Battery Protection, Implantable Device, Capacity Management, Management Component, Battery Charger, Battery Consumption, Battery Threshold, Input Power, Battery Sensor, SOC of the Battery

Source/License: – CC BY

Articles on Cloud and Digital Transformation

Download Code: i2jezmhckt0

Map name: Articles on Cloud and Digital Transforamtion
Documents in collection: 477
Total cluster count:66

Search Topic: +digital +transformation +technology +cloud
Used Libraries: Open Access Articles

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Cloud Infrastructure (32)
2. Technology Policy (31)
3. Digital Images (28)
4. Health Technology (27)
5. Cloud Management (24)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Cloud Infrastructure, Technology Policy, Digital Images, Health Technology, Cloud Management, Formation, Humans and Technologies, Computational Cost, Simulation Results, Code, Proposed Algorithm, Secure Cloud, Software Systems, Cloud Platform, Image Data, Proposed Scheme, Science and Technology, Services over the Internet, Surface, Business Computing, Digital Signal, Proposed Framework, Virtualized Resources, Collaboration, Digital Age

Source/License: – CC-BY-SA / Springer OpenAccess

Articles on Digital Transformation

Download Code: 0j0elgeb0hn

Map name: Articles on Digital Transformation
Documents in collection: 450
Total cluster count:63

Search Topic: +Digital +Transformation +technology
Used Libraries: Open Access Articles

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Digital Signal (30)
2. Technology Assessment (29)
3. Health Technology (27)
4. Humans and Technologies (24)
5. Science and Technology (24)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Digital Signal, Technology Assessment, Health Technology, Humans and Technologies, Science and Technology, Knowledge of Technology, Digital Filters, Technology Governance, Culture and Technology, Proposed Algorithm, Proposed Scheme, Future Studies, Efficient Transformation, Teacher Education, Technological Solution, Digital Devices, Framework for Studying, Production Processes, Digital Media, Improving Quality, System Settings, Technology Acceptance, Technology and the Internet, Digital Video, Learning Environments

Source/License: – CC-BY-SA / Springer OpenAccess

Explore ideas in the managed TED Talks library

Terms of Usage

The TED organization encourages to share TED Talks that are licensed for distribution under our Creative Commons license, Attribution–Non Commercial–No Derivatives (or the CC BY – NC – ND 4.0 International). Therefore we provide and share the managed TED library under the same  Creative Commons (CC) license.

The usage of the TED library is free of charge within the free, public available Noggle client. We do not remix or modify the TED content in any form.  We do not provide direct access, host or embedd TED talks in the Noggle application or on our website. The Noggle Library just allows to search and find links to the original talks hosted on the website. The library only provides links to TED talks which are published on the public available website.

The main source used for our library is the public available listing of TED talks in the public google spreadsheet available at the following link: public GoogleDocs TEDTalks spreadsheet

We attribute TED as the owner of the TED Talk in each search result listing when using the managed library and include a link to the talk on the original website. The purpose of the managed TED library is to support the vision of TED and to share ideas and make them easily retrievable with direct forwarding to the orignial content on

Climate Change and Global Warming Articles

Download Code: idmgyfturjo

Map name: Climate Change and Global Warming Articles
Documents in collection: 660
Total cluster count:75

Search Topic: climate “global warming”
Used Libraries: Open Access Articles

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Climate and Weather (58)
2. Uncertainties in Climate (55)
3. Climate Mitigation (54)
4. Climate Characteristics (52)
5. International Climate (51)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Climate and Weather, Uncertainties in Climate, Climate Mitigation, Climate Characteristics, International Climate, Model Ensemble, Greenhouse Gas, Climate Vulnerable, Climate Knowledge, Soils and Climates, Rate of Change, Climate Feedbacks, Developing Countries, Population of the Study, Temperature Events, Agricultural Production, Climate and Vegetation, Human Impacts, Carbon Emissions, Monthly mean Temperature, Present Day, Central Regions, Climate Change and Plant, Greenhouse Effects, Health Effects

Source/License: – CC-BY-SA / Springer OpenAccess

Talks on Climate Change

Download Code: qci2cy1kak1

Map name: Talks on Climate Change
Documents in collection: 500
Total cluster count:68

Search Topic: climate “global warming”
Used Libraries: TED Talks

Top 5 Cluster:
1. Climate Change (118)
2. Politics (110)
3. Technology (109)
4. Business (101)
5. People (91)

Detected Cluster Labels:
Climate Change, Politics, Technology, Business, People, Science, Environment, Economics, Africa, Live, Future, Health, Poverty, World Cultures, Design, Power, Social Change, Life, Education, Sustainability, Women, Government, Tells the Story, Innovation, Green

Source/License: – CC BY-NC-ND

Can Noggle integrate external or individual data-sources?

Integrate individual and external data-sources with our pre-defined API connector

The Noggle client is built on an open and extensible framework and enables you to integrate different data sources. We provide two API definitions that allow you to integrate your individual datasets or existing search applications into the Noggle client:

Library Connector API

This API allows you to create different connectors to individual data sources. You code the access and data gathering procedures for your own data source (e.g., an internal SQL database or JIRA application) and feed that content into a Noggle Library via the Noggle Library Connector API. The library connector will be distributed on each client. Each client will then be able to use this connector to connect to your internal data sources and use all Noggle functions to index, search, retrieve, cluster, and so on. Our own public connectors (e.g., GoogleDrive, OneDrive, SharepointOnline) are built into this API. We provide basic source templates so you can get started quickly.

Managed Library API

This API allows you to connect to central hosted search APIs via the Noggle network. So, if you have an internal application with existing indexing and search capabilities, you can connect directly to that application via our managed library API. This means that you don’t need Noggle to build your local index libraries. You can use the existing search application and integrate the features directly into the Noggle client as a managed library. The user experience interface then allows the user to use existing search features from the Noggle front end without switching to different search engines or apps.

Both APIs require an enterprise subscription. With that, there are no limits to integrating whatever datasets you want into the cognitive retrieval features of Noggle.

How To Create A New Digital Library

Option A: You can use the Library Wizard to connect additional storage locations with “one-click” setup.

Click on the “Link Drives” icon in the menu panel and activate additional storage locations with the on/off button for each location.

add storage locations

Option B: Setup individual libraries with individual folder selection, different file type specification, and parameter configuration with the Library Manager.

Open the “Library Manager” from the menu panel. The “NEW” library button in upper right corner of the “Libraries” panel opens a new dialog to build an individual document library.


New Library Button

New Library Button


A new window opens to set all parameters for the new library.

Create Library

Create New Library Screen


Now, just add the requested information to setup the library:

  1. Add a name to your library
    The name is shown in the library panel.
  2. Give it a short description
    The description is a short information about the content for the library.
  3. Select the provider you want to use
    You can choose between your local file system, network drives and cloud providers like OneDrive, OneDrive Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Office365 Sharepoint Online or Google drive.
  4. Select the folders for indexing via the pick folder button
    Now, the pick folder screen allows to select the folders which should be included for the library. Finally, press “OK” once you have selected all folders. In addition, you can add/update and change the folder selection later at anytime.

    Select Folder Dialog

    Select Folder Screen

  5. Add or change the contact EMail
    Furthermore, if you decide to share your library with other colleagues later, the email information is important for your collabortors. Therefore, if a collabortor finds a documents within your library, the email can be used to request access to that document.
  6. Add or change your short name
  7. Click “OK”
    Finally, a dialog will open to allow direct indexing start.