Why noggle helps to avoid collaborative overload

Why nHBR_ColOverloadoggle helps to avoid collaborative overload

In the Jan./Feb. 2016 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Rob Cross, Reb Rebele and Adam Grant wrote an article on the topic “Collaborative Overload”. They recommend to leverage technology to make informational ressource more accessible and transparent.


„Collaboration is taking over the workplace. As business becomes increasingly global and cross-functional, silos are breaking down, connectivity is increasing, and teamwork is seen as a key to organizational success. … Performance suffers as they (people) are buried under an avalanche of requests for input or advice, access to resources. … Informational and social resources can be shared—often in a single exchange—.. That is, when I offer you knowledge or network awareness … An exchange that might have taken five minutes or less turns into a 30-minute calendar invite that strains personal resources on both sides of the request. … Leverage technology and physical space to make informational and social resources more accessible and transparent. … Efficient sharing of informational, social, and personal resources should also be a prerequisite for positive reviews, promotions, and pay raises. … Collaboration is indeed the answer to many of today’s most pressing business challenges.”

Exactly what Noggle provides. Noggle is a peer-to-peer “exchange” for information libraries. To make your information ressources transparent and more accessible. A productivity tool to fight against collaborative overload.

Make it happen with Noggle.

Link to the full article:
HBR Article “Collaborative Overload”

Why information sharing can make you a winning team

“How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You from Getting Things Done”

TED Talk by Yves Morieux

“Organizations spend 40-80% percent of their time, wasting their time. E.g. for undoing and redoing, writing reports. When people dont coorporate, dont blame the people, look at their work situations. We need to create organizations in which it becomes individually usefull for people to coorperate. Remove interfaces, middle offices and complicated coordination structures.”

See in his talk why peer-to-peer information sharing and collaboration with Noggle can help to make you a winning team, even if others may have better information. Why? Because Noggle integrates collaboration with information sharing without complicated central coordination structures.



“Thanks to coorperations the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. Contribute to the effort of others.”

Noggle is a productivity tool focussing on peer-to-peer information retrieval. Start contributing to the effort of others without complicated rules. Start making your team the winning team. Start focusing on getting things done with Noggle.